What I’m doing now

(This is a ‘now’ page inspired by Derek Sivers)

I’m currently in Miami, FL.

I moved to Miami in 2016 from Madrid, Spain. It’s a great place to live. My apartment is one minute walk from the beach and the weather is good all year around. I love running on the beach and I’ve been trying to paddleboard more often. 

Apart from my day to day responsibilities as the lead Product Manager at beIN, I’m busy learning Python on Treehouse and trying to get back to regular training at CrossFit. I lost 35 pounds last year but slipped up and gained 10lbs in 2018. My goal is to get back on track and lose more fat. I will write about my fitness goals soon. 

My other focus has been on writing. This is why I started this blog. I find that writing consistently helps me clear up my mind and that helps me communicate things more clearly. 

The goal of this ‘now’ page is to keep my friends up to date on what I’m up to and also to hold me accountable to the goals or things I’m working on publicly 🙂 

I was inspired to create one by Derek Sivers who is one of my most favorite writers and thinkers. Please do check his work