That’s one of my most favorite quotes. I first came across it via Tim Ferriss’ excellent podcast interview with Jerzy Gregorek who is regarded as the Lion of Olympic Weightlifting.

Upon reflection, this quotes holds a lot of truth. Whenever I made hard choices in life such as leaving a job or relocatting to a new country, the outcome was always very positive and made my life easier and better. The opposite is also true. Whenever I chose the path of least resistence, I didn’t get the results I wanted.

This is even true with diet and exercise. If you make the hard choice of becoming disciplined and strict with your diet and exercise, you will always achieve amazing results and that will in turn improve your well-being and your life in general. Giving up to temptations and being easy on yourself makes you lazier and unhealthier. 

Let’s remind ourselves to always make the hard choices. 

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Published by Adam Bader

I am a technologist, product manager, and an entrepreneur.