Back to writing…

A long time ago just right before twitter, facebook and other social networks took off, I used to maintain a blog. In fact, the blog became so successful that it became an online business and I later sold it to a US startup called OleOle.

The blog was called Realmadrid Talk. It was the most popular Real Madrid blog on the internet (ranking on the first page of Google after Wikipedia and for ‘Real Madrid’). Thanks to the blog, I made enough money as a 16-year-old in Libya to support myself and eventually use the money to move to Europe. Also, thanks to the blog, Real Madrid discovered me online and later offered me my dream job! 

Blogging changed my life. 

Now, I haven’t regularly written a blog since 2010. I’ve decided to start one here in an attempt to share my thoughts on the things I’m most passionate about; technology, space travel, CrossFit, health, and life hacking.

I know I might not be doing this regularly but if you are interested, you can follow me on Twitter and I will be pushing my articles on there.

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Published by Adam Bader

I am a technologist, product manager, and an entrepreneur.